ADA Houston 2011 Events

Happy 2011! We are very excited to share with you all of the exciting events coming up this year. Please feel free to contact our office 713.977.7706 for additional information on each event.

Starting off the year is our Tour de Cure Volunteer Recruitment Kick-off on January 13th

On January 22nd is the Baytown Winter Ball. Please check out our previous blog post about this fun event.

On April 2nd is the Houston Feria. Please contact Carole for more information 713.977.7706 ext. 6091

On April 18th is our annual Houston Golf Classic. Please check out our save the date blog post or contact Betsey at 713.977.7706 ext. 6086 for more information.

On April 30th is Camp Lotta Bright Hope. Please contact Jennifer at 713.977.7706 ext. 6088 for more information

On May 6 is the Wine and Roses Gala. Please contact Sheri at 713.977.7706 ext. 6065 for more information.

On June 26th – June 30th is Camp Rainbow. Please contact Carol at 713.977.7706 ext. 6091 for more information.

On September 24th is Tour de Cure. Please contact Lisa at 713.977.7706 ext. 6012 for more information.

On October 17th is the Sugarland Golf Tournament. Please contact Betsey at 713.977.7706 ext. 6086 for more information.

On November 19th is the Houston Step Out to Fight Diabetes. Please contact Amy at 713.977.7706 ext. 6090 for more information.

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One Response to ADA Houston 2011 Events

  1. I am the Media Planner with HCCTV (Houston Community College) and I would be happy to advertise your events on our community bulletin board and our “crawl”. If you are interested in this free service please e-mail me your events and I would be happy to get them on for you.

    We also offer another free service to non-profit organizations. We allow non-profit organizations to come in to our studio, once a month and tape a 60 second PSA. Please contact me if you would like further info.

    Willie Bryant
    Media Planner
    Houston Community College
    3100 Main St.
    Houston, TX 77002

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