Volunteer Spotlight – Ken Cole

ADA Houston would like to thank Ken Cole for his outstanding efforts in volunteerism with the American Diabetes Association.

“I became involved with the Houston ADA to help educate fellow Houstonians and others about diabetes.  In 2007, at the age of 34, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.  I knew a little about this condition because my mother lives with type 2 diabetes, but what I knew was just a drop in the bucket of what one needs to know in order to live with this.  I did a lot of “research” online to try and educate myself on how to deal with this.  In doing this online “research”, I turned to the ADA’s website, www.diabetes.org.  Through the ADA’s website, I made connections with people in my same situation, ones just now learning how to deal with this and ones that have been dealing with it for years.  I found a “home” where I could ask questions and learn about what I was and will be dealing with.

During this time, I began to get myself in shape by walking.  My nights of walking turned into nights of sitting on a stationary bicycle and pedaling it while watching TV.  I soon learned about the ADA’s Tour de Cure through their website.  Around this time, my brother-n-law convinced me to get a road bike and ride outdoors instead of riding in front of the TV.  I picked one up and started a goal to ride a 100 miles in the Houston ADA’s Tour de Cure as a goal for myself.

Through working with the office here in Houston, I’ve seen how the ADA reaches out to the community to educate people about diabetes and to raise awareness for diabetes.  Different events and community outreach projects go on year round and can only be put on through the efforts of the ADA staff and volunteers.  Volunteers are the backbone and without them the staff wouldn’t be able to do what it does to help fight this disease.

I’m proud to be a volunteer for not just the Houston ADA, but for our Greater Houston community.” – Ken Cole

If you would like to volunteer for the American Diabetes Association please contact Carole @clieber@diabetes.org. People who can work community health fairs are in high demand. They are held during the week and on weekends and usually require a 4-5 hour commitment. Also, plans are already in high gear for our September Tour de Cure bike ride and Step Out:Walk to Fight Diabetes. If you would like to help, just send an email and we’ll get you involved in a fun ADA event!

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2 Responses to Volunteer Spotlight – Ken Cole

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  2. Ralston Creswell, Senior Executive Director says:

    I would like to personally thank Ken for all he has done as Team Red Chair to bring awareness to the community about the diabetes epidemic, how it has impacted his life, his positive hopes for the future and activities/programs of ADA. Ken is another awesome person in a long list of Houston Area Diabetes Champions that can truly help us STOP DIABETES(R). Ken – thank you from the ADA and we all hope that you will be able to ride in ALL ADA Tour de Cure’s across the country!! – Ralston

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