School Walk for Diabetes

1 in 3 American children born today are predicted to develop diabetes if lifestyles do not change. For Hispanic and African American children the predicted risk for developing diabetes rises to 1 out of 2. What is your school doing for diabetes education, prevention and awareness?

Our School Walk for Diabetes is the most educational program on both type one and type two diabetes that is available; and returns more to your school for physical education equipment and curriculum than other school charity event. Join the movement with thousands of physical education teachers and school nurses across the country and be a part of the cure!

TOP 5 Reasons to hold a School Walk for Diabetes Event at your School

  1. Educate your students about type 1 diabetes and making healthy lifestyle choices to help prevent obesity and type 2 diabetes. Provide opportunity for Faculty and Staff Wellness Campus Improvement Plans.
  2. Your school can earn needed PE equipment and health and PE curriculum from School Specialties/ SPARK.
  3. Cool “thank you” gifts for students, coordinators and your entire PE program!
  4. It’s a great community service project!
  5. It’s a FUN activity that inspires fitness for life and builds a sense of community, philanthropy and school spirit!

Participate in School Walk for Diabetes- Get in on the FUN!

It’s easy to register online! Just visit

For any School Walk specific questions, please contact Mary Baumann at or Michelle Hankinson at

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