School Walk for Diabetes at Cline Elementary

Judy Shelter and four of the top student fundraisers at Cline

School Walk coordinator and P.E. teacher Judy Shetler leads a wonderful School Walk for Diabetes every year. Judy and Cline Elementary School has been honored and publically recognized for their dedication and commitment to educate their Friendswood school community about diabetes.

“I enjoy doing this annual event mostly because we know that we are raising money to find a cure for the 26 million people that are living with diabetes. I have also had kids that have come through my school with diabetes and this is a way to support them as well.” says Judy.

“Of all the things we have done, we have been able to get really innovative equipment for my budget in the school district and help the children to have a fun way to exercise to prevent type 2 diabetes.”

Cline Elementary’s participation in this event for the past nine years has been a pioneer role model in taking initiatives to educate their students and whole community about diabetes.  The entire school and community turns out for their off campus School Walk for Diabetes after an educational campaign leading up to the event itself. “Our School Walk brings the community together every year and the kids are so excited to do it. It is a win-win situation.” says Judy.

When asked about her favorite part of School Walk Judy replied, “I have two favorites. The first is Walk itself…and the second is because the kids get such a good education about diabetes and everything that goes along with it such as healthy diet and exercise.”

The community spirit and anticipation for this annual event has continued to grow every year. Cline has raised $195,410.27 for this cause since 2002 and on behalf of the 26 million Americans living with diabetes we salute Cline Elementary and Judy Shetler who leads this educational campaign every year. Education, prevention and raising funds for a cure are the tools needed for a better future for the millions affected with this disease.

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