Volunteer Leadership Board Quarterly Meeting

The American Diabetes Association’s Volunteer Leadership Board met at the Galleria Athletic and Tennis Club on May 4th and waschaired by Chairman-Elect Kurt Martin.  At the meeting it was mentioned that while income was tracking slightly tracking behind on the report, all indicators for the Wine and Roses Gala, Tour and other events looked extremely promising.

Dr. Jorge Luengas reported the Feria was one of the main highlights with 2,500 reached during this April program event.  Dr. Jay Morris introduced the ADA’s new program “Living with Type 2 Diabetes” and shared updates on recent research activities.

Mary Baumann report that the ADA was having major discussions with Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) about their being a major sponsor in the School Walk program.

Amy Davis reported that the first Step Out Steering Committee had 23 members in attendance and announced that John Schlosser, SVP of Kinder Morgan was Co-chairing the event with Marc Watts.  The Tour de Cure program had its wrap-up party with a great attendance and SCI Dignity Memorial was announced as the Presenting Sponsor.

Interested parties for the Board were discussed and referred to the Nominating Committee for consideration.  Board Members spent a significant amount of time discussing about availability of key volunteers for programs and activities and recommended the following information be shared at the boards’ next strategic meeting in August.

Questions may be directed to ADA Executive Director Ralston Creswell at (713) 977-7706 ext 6083.

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