The Burden of Diabetes in Texas

Diabetes is a common disease in Texas:

•In 2009, approximately 1,675,000 adults, or 9.8% of the adult population, had diagnosed diabetes.

•Adults without diabetes who are overweight and not physically active are at risk of developing diabetes. In 2007, 66% of all adults in Texas were overweight or obese, and 54% were physically inactive.

•If current trends continue, one in three children born in Texas after the year 2000 will develop diabetes within his or her lifetime. For minorities, this number is nearly one in two.

Diabetes is a serious disease in Texas:

•People with diabetes in Texas suffer from many diabetes-related complications. In 2006, lower extremity amputations led to 6,837 hospital admissions in Texas. Additionally, 16,044 patients with diabetes were on kidney dialysis.

•In 2009, 31.4% of adults with diabetes reported having at least one day of poor health (physical or mental) in the previous month in which they could not perform their usual activities.

•Diabetes caused the deaths of 5,605 people in Texas in 2005.

Diabetes is a costly disease in Texas:

•People with diagnosed diabetes have medical expenses that are approximately 2.3 times higher than people who do not have diabetes.

•Individuals with diabetes spent approximately $11,744 on medical costs in 2007.

•In 2006, diabetes-related medical expenses in Texas totaled more than $8.1 billion, and indirect expenses, such as lost productivity and premature mortality, totaled nearly $4.4 billion.

•Nationally, the total economic cost of diabetes in 2007 was approximately $174 billion.

Medical expenses totaled $116 billion, and indirect expenses, such as lost productivity and premature mortality, totaled $58 billion.

Diabetes is a common, serious and costly disease that poses a major public health problem.

The American Diabetes Association believes that if we are to truly make strides against this devastating disease, we must fund diabetes research and programs, improve health care, and support proven prevention measures.


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