12 more days to Step Out!


Kick Diabetes Soccer Camp proudly supports the American Diabetes Association in honor of Federico “Fred” Cuevas who was a great friend and amazing soccer talent who passed away from Type 1 diabetes at the young age of 23. He achieved numerous athletic accolades throughout his time at Clear Creek High School and Texas Christian University. It is due to this overwhelming sense of love that he bestowed upon everyone, that they get together every year in his memory and celebrate his life through the Kick Diabetes Soccer Camp. At their camp this year they had an unbelievable turnout. They nearly doubled last year’s attendance with 32 camp participants and had over 50 coaches, volunteers, friends and family in attendance. They were blessed with cool temperatures for a fun-filled morning of soccer instruction for ages 4 to 11. This year, Kick Diabetes Soccer Camp donated $4,000 to the American Diabetes Association in support of diabetes research. You can check them out at www.kickdiabetes.org

Park Plaza had a Kiss a Pig event at their hospital and CEO John Tressa was nominated by his employees and co-workers to do the honors of kissing the pig! They raised $260 dollars in funds for this event. Special thanks to Tila from Tila’s Restaurante & Bar for letting us kiss Rocky the Pig!

OYOGEOSPACE held their annual Health Fair and conducted glucose screenings to help raise awareness about diabetes and promote Step Out  with the help of Red Strider Ambassador David Doyle. 

This November, Walgreens will be conducting a scannable donation campaign for the Association at their more than 7,500 locations across the United States. Funds raised from the campaign will be credited to the markets where the money was raised and will support the prevention and detection activities in the local communities. So when you are out and about and if you happen to be in a Walgreen’s store please help support by buying a pin-up!

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