2012 Wine and Roses Gala – SOLD OUT

Thank You to Suzanne and Danny Grant for the great job they have done in selling out the 2012 Wine and Roses Gala!

There are some individual and couple seats available so please call or email Carole Lieber at 713-523-2382 or clieber@diabetes.org.

Honorees of the 2012 event are: Baker Hughes and Executive Chairman Chad Deaton, Glenn R. Cunningham, M.D. and The Medallion Foundation.  All are being honored for their outstanding commitment to improving the lives of others in our community through leadership, philanthropy and service.

This year we will be honoring more than 60 young high school women who are participating as ADA Sweethearts. They represent Memorial, St. Agnes, Kinkaid, Emery, Lamar, Episcopal, Bellaire, Second Baptist, St. Pius X and Westchester High Schools this year, and they are spending their time and energies fundraising and volunteering for the ADA. They are everything we could wish for in the leaders of tomorrow.

Wine & Roses chairs for 2012 are Suzanne and Danny Grant; the honorary chairs are KTRK / Channel 13’s Gina Gaston and her husband Mario Elie.  The emcee for the evening is Tom Koch.

Individual ticket sales begin at $250.00. Table sales start at $3,000 with seating for 10. The gala offers an impressive selection of fine wines, trips and unique items for both a live and silent auction, as well as an evening of dancing and dining.

More than 26 million children and adults in the United States live with this chronic and devastating disease. An estimated 400,000 of them are in the Houston area. Direct and indirect medical costs were $218 billion in 2007. In addition to those who live with diabetes, another 79,000 are pre-diabetic and likely to develop the disease within the few years.

If present trends continue, 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes by the year 2050.

For more information on the American Diabetes Associations Wine & Roses Wine Auction and Gala, please contact Gala staff director, Carole Lieber at 713-523-2382 or clieber@diabetes.org.

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