American Diabetes Association Camps for Kids

The American Diabetes Association camps provide a special experience for children living with type 1 diabetes.

At Camp, meet and learn from other kids and adult counselors with diabetes who:

  • Listen and understand first-hand what it’s like to live with diabetes.
  • Share their strategies for coping with diabetes management and learn about their day-to-day triumphs and challenges.
  • Inspire campers with their personal accomplishments at school, in sports and at work.
  • Help campers make new friends and develop their own lifelong support system.

Your local ADA offers two different camping experiences.

Lotta Bright Hope Retreat is a one night sleep-over camp held at Camp Allen in Navasota, TX. The dates are April 28-29, 2012. For more information, please email  Jennifer or go to  for more information and to register.

Camp Rainbow is a 4-day long day camp for children with type 1 diabetes, aged 4-17. The dates are June 25-28 at Circle Lake Retreat near Tomball. For more information, please email Carole at or go to  for information and to register.

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