Houston ADA Board Approves Aggressive Strategic Plan

Kurt Martin, Chairman of the Board and Jorge Luengas, M.D., President announced that at the March 1 ADA Board Meeting the Houston Community Leadership Board approved a very aggressive Strategic Plan for the years 2012-2015.  Some of the highlights of the plan are to:

  1. Improve Outcomes for those with Diabetes and Prediabetes through major community collaborations with existing Type 1 programs, clinics, hospitals and the 62 ADA Recognized programs.  Enhancing the Children’s Camps funded by ADA and promoting the ADA’s Living with Type 2 Program.
  2. Conduct prevention and intervention programs in its Coordinated School Health children’s program and its at risk programs in the Hispanic and African American communities.
  3. Increase a greater awareness about ADA research in Houston and double the amount of ADA research funded in Houston.
  4. Double the ADA’s income support to $4 million by 2015 averaging 15% growth annually.
  5. Enhancing the Board’s capacity, ethnic and corporate diversity and expanding its relationships into other organizations as the Houston Hispanic Chamber, University of Houston, Rice University, Asian Chamber, Houston Citizens Chamber and many others.
  6. Creation of a major marketing and advocacy effort to bring awareness of the Stop Diabetes ® Movement and create a community wide sense of urgency regarding the diabetes epidemic.
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