NSM Distinguished Lecture Series Invites You to…

The Friends of NSM Distinguished Lecture Series Invites you to a free event for community and corporate leaders, supporters of NSM and the general public. Each year, this free public lecture series focuses on a central theme and includes five-to-six lectures delivered by leading experts and eminent scholars.

Click here ADAH April 25 UH Spiegelman to see the flyer.

Through this annual series, the University of Houston’s College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics wants to share our breakthroughs with the Houston community and give Houstonians a front-row seat to the developments impacting medical care, energy, the environment and daily living.

Dr. Bruce Spiegelman will present “Toward a New Generation of Therapies for Diabetes, Obesity and Muscular Disease.” The program is Wednesday, April 25, from 7-8 pm in the Waldorf Astoria Room of the Hilton University of Houston Hotel, 4800 Calhoun.

Dr. Spiegelman is a professor of cell biology and medicine at Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School. He will discuss his research team’s recent discovery of a novel hormone secreted from muscle cells that triggers some of the key health benefits of exercise. The protein, given the name irisin, is a promising candidate for development as a novel treatment for diabetes, obesity and perhaps other disorders.

For more information on the lecture and directions to the Hilton on the UH campus, visit the speaker series website, www.friends.nsm.uh.edu, or contact friends@nsm.uh.edu or 713-743-2611.

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