BAPS Charities’ 2012 Walkathon was a huge success!

BAPS Charities’ 2012 Walkathon was a huge success! On May 6, approximately 800 Houston-area participants of all ages gathered at Sugarland Town Square, in front of City Hall, to walk to 5K path.

The mission of BAPS Charities is to serve needy individuals, families and communities throughout the world. Locally, the organization provides annual Walkathons, health fairs and education fairs. The annual Walkathons are completely organized by volunteers who do everything from raising funds to working the event.

Kalpesh Patel of BAPS Charities explained, “The Walkathon is just one of many community efforts that BAPS Charities carries out annually. It’s a great way to give back and support the community, and raise awareness of conditions like diabetes.”

BAPS Charities chose to donate $5,000 of this year’s Walkathon funds to American Diabetes Association.

“Diabetes being one of the common diseases in Asians and the general population, it is something that really hits home with a lot of our walkers, and we feel like we are making a great difference in the fight against diabetes by supporting the American Diabetes Association and its efforts,” said Patel.

Walking is an easy way to start improving one’s health, especially for diabetics. Go for a stroll in the park this weekend, or take your dog for a walk around the block after work. November 17 is closer than you think. Now is the time to start getting physically ready for Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes and raise funds for your walk team. Sign up to be a part of the movement to stop diabetes online at

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