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Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of legal blindness among adults aged 20-74 years. Unfortunately an alarming 32% of diabetics never receive an eye exam.

Lisa Woo, O.D.

“Annual examinations by an eye care professional are critical to evaluate the ocular health of a diabetic patient,” says Dr. Lisa Woo. “Hemorrhages of the small retinal blood vessels may not necessarily be symptomatic. A dilated eye exam allows the eye doctor to thoroughly see the retina and properly evaluate the progression of retinopathy,” she adds.

Family eye doctors are primary health care providers who can diagnose and manage diabetic eye disease. Early detection of diabetic retinopathy can lead to early intervention, improved coordination of care, and better health outcomes.

Some common visual symptoms of diabetes include:

  • Recent onset blurred or distorted vision
  • Fluctuating vision
  • Night vision problems
  • New onset double vision
  • Flashes or floaters and glare

Patients with diabetes should have an initial dilated and comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist shortly after being diagnosed. Subsequent exams should be repeated annually but will be required more frequently if retinopathy is progressing.

Dr. Lisa Woo practices at Eye to Eye in the Houston Heights. She regularly treats ocular allergies, eye infections and injuries in addition to conducting comprehensive eye exams on infants, children and adults using the latest technology. Dr. Woo is a graduate of the University of Houston, and she is a member of Vision Source, North America’s largest network of premiere private practice optometrists. For more information, visit

The 3rd annual Tour de Cure rides out of Katy on September 22, 2012 and it’s not to late for you to get in on the fun!  Online registration will be open until Thursday, September 20th.   Riders will also be allowed to register the day of event but will need to bring their registration fees and fundraising minimum. For more information, email Lisa at . Get ready to take the ride of your life!

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