World Diabetes Day November 14th!

As we approach American Diabetes Association month in November and World Diabetes Day on November 14th, please take a moment to think about the fact that 346 million people worldwide are living with diabetes. This disease is indeed a worldwide epidemic.

In Bangladesh, where the population tops 150 million, diabetes is a particularly daunting challenge. More than 12% of the adult population is affected by diabetes or prediabetes.  Nearly half of the population with diabetes is undiagnosed.  Among those with diabetes, only 1 in 3 people is treated, and roughly 1 in 13 achieves treatment targets. The director of the Diabetes Association of Bangledesh (DAB)  in Gazipur is working hard to change those numbers. Md. Hasibur Rahman is proud of the work his Association is doing with education and treatment. On a recent visit to Houston, he and his son-in-law stopped by the local office for a visit and to share ideas.

Syed Monowar, Carole Lieber (ADA,Director) Md. Hasibur Rahman (DAB), Ralston Creswell (ADA Executive Director)

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