2012 Accomplishments and Events in the New Year

2012 Accomplishments

step out

5,000 Participants registered to walk in our 2012 Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes. $660,000 was raised to support the Association’s Mission.

tour de cure

1,800 Cyclists participated in our 2012 Tour de Cure.  $780,000 was raised to support the Association’s Mission


150 Children and teens living with diabetes attended Camp Rainbow and learned new skills in dealing with their diabetes.

live empowered

23 Churches delivered diabetes messaging through Live Empowered activities in the faith based community reaching 37,600 people


595 New ADA Advocates were recruited

por tu familia

4,000 underserved and uninsured members of the Hispanic community were reached through Por tu Familia’s education and outreach programs and our 2012 Feria de Salud.


The Houston ADA captured more than four million impressions in the Houston media.

stop bubble

$2,335,200 American Diabetes Association dollars are currently being funded for six (6) grants to diabetes research in the Texas Medical Center.


113,725 children were reached in the ADA’s Coordinated School Health, BCBS Healthy Kids and Healthy Families, School Walk for Diabetes program.

save the date

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