We Need Your Help!

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We need your help! Texas must decide whether to help hard working, low-income families affected by diabetes gain access to lifesaving health care when they need it, without facing huge medical bills.

While legislators have filed many bills related to offering Medicaid to more Texans through the Affordable Care Act, no hearing dates are set. That’s why your legislators need to hear from you! For the fifth straight year, Texas has the highest rate of people without health insurance in the country. We must take action!

Tell your legislator to vote to accept federal Medicaid funding – we must act now!

Those without health insurance don’t have access to timely preventive care. Silent killers such as diabetes often go undetected even as they lead to devastating complications. Increasing the number of low-income Texas residents who are insured will mean more people receive the proper preventive care and screenings they need to help Stop Diabetes®. And it will mean people with diabetes will have access to the tools they need in the fight against blindness, amputation, heart and kidney disease.

Please ask your legislators to help uninsured people with diabetes get affordable coverage.

The health needs of Texans with diabetes do not go away simply because they do not have insurance coverage. Expanding Medicaid coverage will be funded 100 percent by the federal government for the first few years and 90 percent thereafter. It has been estimated that for every dollar the state spends for Medicaid expansion, $1.29 is returned in revenue. Texas legislators can help save the state billions of dollars, but only by accepting the federal funding to cover more uninsured Texans.

Ask your legislators to vote to accept federal Medicaid funding.

Thank you for your advocacy and for everything you do to Stop Diabetes!

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