Meal Planning & Kitchen Tips

Mission Delivery: Meal Planning and Kitchen Tips
You Are in Charge!
Healthy Living=Healthy Choices

Week 8: Eating Healthy
Eating healthy is one of the ways that can help manage and control diabetes. Here are some tips that can be helpful in planning healthy eating for the rest of the year

Tips for eating and living well this year

1: Plan Ahead
When it comes to cooking healthy, it’s important to plan ahead so you have everything you need in your kitchen. One approach you could take is to set aside a few minutes each weekend to plan your meals for the coming week. Writing this out can be especially helpful. If you’re cooking for your entire family, it may be an activity that you can do together

As you plan, consider the activities that you have going on each day. How much time will you have to cook? Which healthy recipes or meals can be made in that amount of time? Based on the week of meals you come up with, make your grocery list and stock up on healthy foods before the week starts. That way, you won’t have to bother with a busy grocery store during the week.

2: Work Exercise into Your New Routine

With a busy schedule, 30 minutes of exercise may seem like a daunting task. But did you know that you can split that 30 minutes up into three 10-minute spurts for the same benefits? Make exercise work for you! It could be as simple as taking a 10-minute walk after each meal.

Once again, it’s helpful to plan ahead. Look at your schedule for the coming week and choose the days and times you will exercise. Even when you plan, there will still be times when something comes up and you aren’t able to stick to your schedule. When that happens, don’t look at it as a failure. Just pick back up with your routine the next day.
Did you ever think about making exercise a family or group activity? Take the dog for a walk or take the kids for a bike ride after school. On the weekends, hit the hiking trails with the family. If you want to catch up with friends, you could sign up for an exercise class together or go for a walk. And don’t forget – heavy gardening and cleaning can also count as activity!

3: Keep It Simple

There’s no need to cook a gourmet meal on a busy school night. When choosing recipes, remember to consider the prep time and cooking time. Something else to look for is the number of ingredients needed to make a recipe. The shorter the list, the simpler the recipe will be.

4: Use a Slow-Cooker to Your Advantage!

A slow cooker – also called a crock pot – cooks food at a low, steady temperature. Most slow cooker dishes take about 8 hours and the recipes are fairly simple – just toss in your ingredients and let them cook during the day while you’re out. It’s an easy solution if you don’t have a lot of time to prepare a meal when you get home at night.

5: Pack Lunch – Make it a Habit!

Do you rely on fast food for lunch every day? An easy way to get healthier is to start packing lunch. When you do this, you have more control over your portions and what goes into your meal. To get in the habit of packing a healthy lunch by setting a goal, perhaps you can aim to pack your own lunch at least 4 days a week. Make sure you have a few to-go containers, thermoses, and/or plastic sandwich bags. This will make it easier to pack and transport your food.

6: Take Time for Your Health and Eat Mindfully

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the little things from day to day. Try to keep things in perspective. Your health is important, so take the time you need to exercise and eat well. Remind yourself once a day to slow down and refocus on what matters.

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-Your Mission Delivery Team

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