ADA Annual Meeting and Research Update!

American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting and Research Update Held

The Houston Community Leadership Board held its Annual Meeting and Research Update at the Baylor College of Medicine on Wednesday, December 4th.  The meeting was hosted by Dr. Lawrence Chan, Chief of the Diabetes, Endocrinology Research Center at Baylor.  Dr. Toni Keaton, President and Hon. Dwight Jefferson reported on what a great year the Association had and made special presentations to outstanding volunteers and sponsors.  Recognized as Volunteers of the Year (first time multiple winners) were Scott Ahrendt, Lonny Soza and David Doyle.  Officers and Board Member elected at the meeting were:

Officers for 2014

Chairman: Ryan Colburn 

Chairman-Elect: John W. Schlosser

President: Jerald L. Zarin, M.D. 

President-Elect: Ulipi A. Choksi, M.D.

Immediate Past Chair: Dwight Jefferson

Immediate Past President: Toni Keaton, M.D.


Houston Community Leadership Board


Scott Ahrendt

Antroy Arreola

Maria Belalcazar, M.D.

Jeffrey S. Brown, M.D.

Vicki and Glenn Burke

Lawrence Chan, M.D.

Becky Childers, R.N., CDE

John Dalton

Barry Davis

David Doyle

Sidney H. Evans, II

John H. Faulk

Lawrence A. Finch

Grant M. Gables

Vincent J. Gillespie

Dale J. Hamilton, M.D.

Lawrence A. Finch

Pamela Huewitt

Bryan Kraham

Jake D. Kushner, M.D.

Joanne Linden

Jorge Luengas, M.D.

Kurt Martin

Rosine K. Matthews

David Milich

Rhonda M. Newhouse

Daniel W. Schroder

Daniel F. Shank

Gary J. Siller

Don P. Sweat

Thomas V. Taylor, M.D.

Mike Thompson

Umesh Verma

Andrew Watkins, PhD

Marcus A. Watts


New Board Members


Art Gottschalk

Domingo Gonzalez, M.D.

Dong Lee

Hortensia Luna, M.D.

Susan L. Samson, M.D., PhD

Lonny Soza

Vijay Yechoor, M.D.


Dr. Lawrence Chan provided an exciting presentation on the Baylor’s Diabetes Centers quest in being able to Stop Diabetes Type 1 Diabetes in mice and monkeys.

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