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I wanted to remind you about an exciting project to support girls with diabetes.

As you probably know, I’m a huge fan of camps for children with diabetes. All children with diabetes should experience that kind of warm positive community. Sadly, camp only lasts a few days or weeks and then kids with diabetes are left to return to the regular non-diabetic world, where many experience feelings of loneliness and isolation. I would love to build a year-round community that provides the same kind of supportive spirit kids feel at diabetes camp.

To counter this we have formed the FIRST EVER GIRL SCOUT TROOP FOR KIDS WITH DIABETES! Shelley Spector, who has a wealth of knowledge regarding type 1, is leading the way. As our movement grows we will form several troops based on age and/or geographic location. We are currently assigned to the Braes Oaks community but expect to quickly grow to include a troop near Sienna Plantation and other regions. By the way, you can still join this troop if your daughter is a member of another troop (double badges!). Siblings and cousins are also welcome to join the group. If you know parent or adult who would like to be involved in this project please contact Shelley. We are especially interested in recruiting parents or adults who were girl scouts, troop leaders who have a personal connection to type 1 diabetes, and bilingual volunteers (Spanish!).

Interested? Please contact Shelley at 713-825-4132

Feel free to distribute this message or the attached flier.

Thanks so much for supporting children with diabetes!


Jake A. Kushner M.D.
McNair Medical Institute Scholar
Chief, Pediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children’s Hospital

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