Stop Diabetes at Work this Summer!

Stop Diabetes @work


June is National Employee Wellness Month. Here are three things you can do this month to get your employees develop long-term, healthy behaviors.

1) If you haven’t already, start a walking group. Distribute this training plan so employees can keep moving all summer long.

2) Setting a goal can be a catalyst for long-term behavior change.  Create a corporate team for Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes.

3) If employees are looking for strength or cross-training activities (see the training plan), share this June e-news article: Get Moving This Summer.

Check out all our tools to help support your walking efforts: posters, emails, and fliers are available for you – for FREE – here.

As a gift to your employees, the Association is offering a 20% discount on The With or Without Meat Cookbook. Check out one of the recipes: Pesto-Glazed Vegetable Kebobs.

Here are some other tools to help you with your long-term planning:


Get some guidance on how to stay healthy while on vacation in July’s enews article Seven Ways to Eat Well on Vacation.

What’s not to love about a recipe entitled “easiest?” Share the Easiest Chicken Salad Ever recipe with your employees.


Speaking of habit changes, don’t miss August’s enews article 7 Great Healthy Habits to Adopt Right Now. And check out this unique twist on a packable lunch that uses some of the season’s freshest produce.

Register your company for Stop Diabetes at Work ® This program is a free employee wellness initiative!


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