Diabetes on the Job

Have you had trouble taking breaks at work when you need to check your blood glucose, take medication or eat? Have you been disciplined for arriving late to work because of your diabetes? Maybe you’ve been told you can’t take time off for a doctor’s appointment. These are examples of how diabetes can interfere with your job—but you have rights that can help.

Reasonable accommodations” are changes that help people with disabilities compete for a wide range of jobs, excel in their work and be treated fairly. For workers with diabetes, this could mean your employer makes minor changes to workplace rules to allow you to take breaks as needed. Or it could mean providing you a stool to sit down if you have pain or nerve damage. Most accommodations for people with diabetes can be provided at little or no cost to their employers.

Do you need changes at work to help you manage your diabetes and perform the job? Are you unsurewhat accommodations are possible? We have tools that can help. Contact us (1-800-DIABETES) to talk to a Legal Advocate.


How to Get Help

Everyone who has diabetes deserves to be treated fairly at work, at school and in other parts of daily life. But that does not always happen. Sometimes people who have diabetes are treated unfairly—just because of diabetes.

If something doesn’t feel right, it might not be legal. There are federal laws that protect against diabetes discrimination. Call us at 1-800-DIABETES (342-2383) for help.

Our legal advocates can offer free help and guidance for your problem.

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