Eagle Scout Service Project Benefiting ADA Camp!

ADAH Jordan and his father Justin

Jordan Baugher is on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the boy scouting program of the Boy Scouts of America. A member of BSA Troop # 478,  requirements for the coveted medal includes earning 21 merit badges,  demonstrating scout spirit and choosing  an “Eagle Scout Service Project’”.  This project is an opportunity for the Scout to demonstrate leadership skills. The project should also benefit  either  a not-for-profit organization,  a religious institution, a  school or the Scout’s community.

ADAH Scout

A big task for this 16 year old who attends Stratford High School and plays left guard on the school’s football team.  How did Jordan get involved with the ADA team? The American Diabetes Association holds a camp each summer for children with type 1 diabetes. One of activities the campers love best is fishing from the deck over the pond. While the catches are not frequent – -unless you count the turtles – it’s a special time for some campers who have never held a rod and reel before. It’s not an easy task to keep the poles untwisted and untangled and to have a place to store them safely.

ADAH Poles

Jordan’s dad,  Justin,  heard of our need and he and Jordan thought they could come up with the design to solve our problem.  Jordan and six other scouts gathered at his house and measured and cut the wood, drilled holes and glued/screwed them together. Then we put the varnish on to help protect the holders from the outdoor elements.


The results are spectacular and mean no more cutting lines to get tangles out and “rehooking “poles at the last minute! It may not seem like a big deal to some, but it took hours of work by ADA staff to get the poles ready in time for 160 kids, eager to get the fishing underway.

Thank you Jordan. We really appreciate your hard work and hope you’ll come by and show us your medal! Keep up all your good work!

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