Should sugar be completely avoided this Halloween?

Should sugar be completely avoided this Halloween?
With the end of October and Halloween drawing near, one might be tempted to indulge in copious amounts of sweets and desserts. For a non-diabetic person, this is acceptable, and although not completely healthy, is not life-threatening. However, a person with diabetes must make smart food choices and watch their caloric intake.

There is a myth commonly accepted by many that sugar causes diabetes and that diabetics should avoid it completely. Like most myths,there is always some misrepresentation of the truth, so it is good to do your own research. Type I diabetes is caused by genetics and other unknown factors. Type II diabetes is caused from a combination of risk factors, i.e., being overweight and a diet high in calories may contribute to the disease, but sugar is not a direct cause of diabetes.  The good news is if sweets are consumed in moderation, people with diabetes can still enjoy a tasty treat while keeping their blood glucose levels in check.

So, should you skip out on that free candy bar or cupcake this Halloween? Of course not! Just remember to take some extra precautions by planning your meals ahead of time and keeping your sweets serving size small.


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