BEAT Diabetes Campaign

ADA Houston was excited to have been part of the Proclamation Ceremony, in support of the BEAT diabetes campaign, held on November 4, 2014, at City Hall. Our community initiative and volunteer development manager, Tarah Davis, can be seen pictured with the mayor below.


The proclamation by Houston’s mayor, Annise D. Parker, announced the collaboration between our local ADA chapter and Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. Because November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, these two organizations will observe November as BEAT Diabetes Month by utilizing different efforts to “engage the public about diabetes, how to live with it, manage it, and control its progression”. Fifteen of Houston’s top restaurants are doing #DineOutForDiabetes by creating main entrees that are ADA-approved and diabetes-friendly. In addition to #dineout, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic also have #dinein recipes for healthy meals on its website at There will also be two educational webinars hosted by Kelsey-Seybold in the upcoming weeks. You can register here to listen to physicians talk about diabetes 101 and diabetes management.


With more than 2 million people living with diabetes in our city, Houston has one of the highest rising prevalence of Type II diabetes in the nation. This is why the BEAT Diabetes campaign stresses the importance of a proper diet, regular exercise, and frequent checkups with your physician. A proper diet doesn’t mean having to cut everything you love out of your meals and regular exercise doesn’t mean having to do vigorous activity for a prolonged time period. Consult your doctor on what meal plans and physical exercises are best for you. Diabetes can be managed if you are educated about the disease and make smart decisions about your wellbeing.

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