WATCH Health Fair on February 28th


Mark your calendars for WATCH Health Fair on February 28, 10 am to 2 pm at SugarLand Town Square Plaza!   Please feel free to pass this information along- it will also be up on the website/facebook site soon!


We have a  number of repeat attendees from last year and we have expanded the fair to include the OTHER side of city hall!


I want to thank our Platinum Sponsors who make this entire event possible and a special thank you to Sugar Land Town Square who underwrites a majority of our expenses every year!  :

Metlife (Omar Saeed),

Memorial Hermann Sugar Land ( PlayZone sponsor)

Houston Methodist Sugar Land ( Bag Sponsor)

Sugar Land Town Square Mgt

Texas Medical Association Foundation.


We have had a number of new sponsors join our old friends as well- Please say thank you to the following Silver Sponsors this year- Kelsey-Seybold Sugar Land, Dairy Max,, MD Anderson Cancer Hospital- SL, Texas Oncology , Walgreens, Fort Bend Medical Society, Missouri City Gym, Life Essential Chiropractic , UT Physicians Sienna


We have over 45 booths with a variety of activities, screenings, giveaways and more!

As usual we have a lot of booths about everyday concerns all families have, from sports injury to concussion prevention, to allergies and colds, autism, diabetes , developmental issues, social Pressures , Mental health and more !  You would have to visit over 10 health specialities to get the information you will have access to on Saturday!


The Blue Cross Blue Shield Care Van is providing 7th grade vaccinations (Tdap, Meningitis and Varicella)

(*Due to the recent outbreak of measles, I am seeing if we will have that available)

For uninsured individuals ( or underinsured).  Please bring your shot records.


Some of the planned Screenings/Drawings: 

Bone Density ( UT Physicians)

Blood Glucose ( University of Houston Pharmacy Students/ Walgreens)

Blood Pressure  ( Walgreens)

Body Mass Index (Kelsey-Seybold)

Cancer Screenings ( MDACC and Texas Oncology)

Vision- drawing for Blade Free Lasik ( Mann Eye)

Color Blindness and vision/Drawing for a free ToysRUs card-( Sugar  Land NeoPeds Care)

Dental- Flouride treatmentsl ( UT School of Dentistry)

Allergy/breathing screen ( Texas Allergy and Asthma Associates)

We will have a number of other screenings for children throughout-

*always subject to change!


WATCH me VEGOUT! With RecipeforSuccess  – food stations to encourage eating those veggies

Red Mango- Sample Fresh cold-pressed juices and smoothies!


Activities:  We have more kid activities planned than ever before!  From Photobooths to obstacle courses and giveaways including jump ropes and more!


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