Can You Have a Life With Diabetes?

The doctor just broke the news. It’s official, you have diabetes.
Your thoughts are racing…

How did I get this?
Is this serious?
Oh no, I will never be able to enjoy my life again.

At this point, it’s normal to be confused, fearful, upset, anxious, or even angry. No matter the type of diabetes, some of the most-reported concerns by people with such a diagnosis include feeling powerless to control it, or becoming overwhelmed at the seemingly monumental lifestyle changes they must now adopt.

The more you learn about the disease, the more you’ll realize it doesn’t have to resign you to a life of eating rabbit food everyday and never going anywhere fun. Yes, you can actually have a life with diabetes!

Diabetes is serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly, however, it most certainly is not a death sentence. Having a full and pleasurable life with diabetes is totally possible, and you can enjoy many of your favorite activities and meals. Keep in mind that it is a disease which requires everyday management and even emergency planning. Don’t get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life so intensely that you forget to care for your body first and foremost. Here at the American Diabetes Association of Houston, we are well aware just how fast-paced life can be here in the South’s largest city If you’re not sure where or how to start incorporating diabetes care into your life (whether at home or traveling), we’ve got just the advice you need to get started!


Living with Diabetes Infographic

Managing type 1 or type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to drive you crazy. Here are some surefire ways to streamline and organize the process of caring for diabetes whether you’re at home or on the go!


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